About Us

Suhasini (Sue) John has been conducting classes for young children for over 25 years in the City of Falls Church. She shares with the children her genial warmth and her ability to draw on their inherent talents. She has a degree in English Literature and Child Psychology, as well as an associate degree in Early Childhood Education.

Parents who have often expressed their desire to avail themselves of a ‘starting off’ program for their young children are the inspiration for these classes. In ‘Mrs. John’s class’ as the program she does is fondly referred to, we endeavor to make the child comfortable with being away from home.  We incorporate the natural changes in the environment around us and provide for ample learning opportunities for young children.

We are privileged to have a ‘senachie’ extraordinaire bringing in her vigor and talent to this program. She is a guitarist and comes in twice a week to entertain the children with her special story telling, puppetry, music and more.  ‘Miss. Mollie’ as she is known to both children and adults was a familiar face at the ‘Barnes & Noble Bookshop’ in Falls Church for many years; she has since moved out on her own and entertains children locally… If you figured that ‘senachie’ means storyteller, you are right. It is an Irish Gaelic word and Ms. Mollie has spent much time in Ireland, England, Spain, Sweden, and various parts of this country.

The others on the team are Ms. Dipa and Ms. Uma.

The program has annual general liability insurance coverage.