testimonialDo you recognize this tee shirt? One of our beautiful keepsakes from our time with you at OTRT last year! We miss you and talk about our time at playschool now and again. We’ll try to make it by for a hello one day! Please feel free to share this photo with others. Feel free to post too! Charlotte received so many compliments and was of course so proud. I’ll be in touch! Hugs and best regards.

Catarina C., November 2015

Thank you for taking such good care of Clara. She has really blossomed and loved her time with “the kids” at OTRT. I would definitely be willing to provide a reference for you if you ever need it. I talk very happily about how much we loved Clara’s time there!

Erin Ghelber, June 2015

Happy New Year!  Hope you are well and that you had a wonderful holiday. We have missed you and all OTRT teachers so much. Analena has been wanting to stop in for a visit for so long. We shall visit as soon as we can. I wanted to follow up with you because I completed the online registration the summer camp for Analena and Fall and Winter/Spring Toddler Troop for Sofia.  I will mail the registration fees this weekend. I’m hoping you have space for them. We are very excited to return to our roots and see our favorite teachers again!!

Rachel, January 2015

I wanted to thank you for making this semester a special one for our family. It’s been a great first pre-school/drop off experience for all of us and we are so grateful for the opportunity to be there. It was a special time for our kids to be together too, which may not happen again for a few years.  Thanks for your patience and kindness with us and with them. We’ll miss everyone and thanks again for such a great first experience with preschool.

Suzanne, December 2014

I wanted to let you know that Vivianne will start attending a 5 day/week school in January. I loved your program – the log cabin atmosphere is great, all the art has been amazing, and you and the other teachers are just lovely, wonderful teachers.  Thank you.  I will recommend the program to friends and on MONA.

Kristen, December 2013

As you know Raghav is at Congressional and we are hoping that Sanjeev will join him this fall. The school requires recommendations and I would very much appreciate it if you could fill out the form for Sanjeev too.

Thanks so much for your help and for taking care of both our boys. We have treasured the time at OTRT and they both fondly remember it.

Arati Belle, December 2013

Thank you for always going above and beyond on George’s behalf.  Your support with George’s diet concerns has been amazing.  Every week  you searched for snacks that not only fit his diet but that he also enjoyed and it means the world to us.   We can’t thank you enough!! The support, attention and love you pay to each of the little ones is amazing.

Now you have Benton ( No allergies :)!) . I’m so excited Ben is with you for his first “school” experience. Please know that mosquitoes LOVE Ben. Yes, go ahead and use the natural ‘Don’t bug me’ spray on him, the one you got from the City of Falls Church farmer’s market.

Also, just want you to know that we will be moving out of state at the end of the year but will always be thankful that they got their start with you.


PS… We will miss you!!  XOXO

Louise Goodwin, October 2013

Maeve will miss you! I just wanted to say THANKS for all your help last year. This transition wouldn’t have been as easy without your love and guidance. We will certainly miss you and all your teachers too. Hopefully we will see you next summer for camp! Have a wonderful year. 🙂

Erin, September, 2013

I just wanted to let you know what joy we experienced on Christmas morning when we unwrapped Will’s family/Christmas tree.  It was so beautiful and the card where you write what he says is just darling.  I absolutely love it and will keep it always.  Before Will started ‘preschool’ I was really worried that he would fuss and not like it, but instead he has blossomed into an independent little boy.  You and your staff are so kind and caring I’m just so happy with the your program.

Kate Perryman, December 2012

Hi Mrs John- Sending u this picture of a little Christopher Columbus!  -Ven

Venashri Pillay, October 2012