Mrs. John- I just wanted to let you know that Kate will be attending school next year at the same school as Dylan, in McLean. I am sad to know this is the end of our time with OTRT. It has been a wonderful experience for both Dylan and Kate!

Jennifer Walsh, April 2012

I am truly grateful for you and your program – Emma absolutely loves to go to ‘school’ at OTRT! Emma will be moving to a new school so that we can guarantee her a spot next year. We are both very sad, as we both LOVE OTRT. I wish the other school’s schedule was different so that she could continue with OTRT and go to the new school as some children in your program do – unfortunately nothing about finding a preschool has been easy 😉 I will be in touch about camp, however. If you ever need help getting the word out, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m more than happy to send notes through the MONA listserv or do anything else I can.

Catherine Copley, Feb 2012

I feel so incredibly lucky to have found Ms. John and OTRT. Both of my boys have loved this program and it was the perfect way to introduce them to preschool. I love to walk around my home and look at the beautiful art projects they have made at OTRT. It is a very special place!

Christine Wilson, 2012

I thought I’d send you a picture of Idris’ green bean plant which is one of the few things doing really well in my garden!

Sylvia Brock, May 2011


Christine Wilson, 2011

We are on our third child going through Mrs. John’s WONDERFUL OTRT program at the Falls Church Scout House. A friend told me about the program 5 years ago and we put in our 1st daughter who was then 18 months old. We have been raving about it ever since and I recommend it to anyone I know with very young children…

Kathy Boatwright, December 2010

We have LOVED this time at OTRT and look forward to finishing out the spring and to the summer camp. You truly have something special going – thank you for doing it !!!

Laura & Brendan (Juliana MacCarthy's parents) , March 2010

“Quinn’s Bean Plant – Quinn wanted to send you pictures of his bean plant! It is growing really big and we even got to eat a few beans off it today!”

Quinn & Trish Loomis, June 2009

“Teagan and Skylar LOVE your program. They tell me all about it and proudly show me their art work each Monday and Wednesday evening. You all have been such a positive infulence on them and introduced them to the concept of learning as fun. This is the most important introduction to school that they could have received and we are so very grateful to have had the good fortune to be blessed by having our children in your so very able tutelage even for a brief period.”

Christy Marble, October 2009

“Thank you for another wonderful session. Nathan talks about you all the time and loves to sing all the songs to us. We are glad to be back after the holidays!”

Kirsten Milhorn, 2008