“These are a few pictures of Kiara and the cactus she planted (a couple of weeks ago) in her frog-planter made in class…I thought you would want to see how well used it is. She had such fun doing it and the plant/pot now has pride-of-place on our kitchen counter. Btw – the ‘discovery ball’ (or ‘scuvery ball’ as she calls it) made this week is a big hit….it hasn’t left her neck yet – she even napped with it! Thank you all for everything – Kiara loves these great projects you all do.”

Venashri Pillay, Oct 2008

Thank you for another wonderful session. Nathan talks about you all the time and loves to sing all the songs to us. We are glad to be back after the holidays!

Kirsten Milhorn, 2008

“My daughter, Caitlin had such a positive experience with On The Right Track. If you’re looking for a caring, compassionate, learning environment for your child, On The Right Track is it! Sue John is a highly organized and skilled teacher. She treats each child as an individual, capitalizing on their learning potential in a fun and energetic manner.”

Kristen Cunningham, 2007

Rachel is having so much fun and I would be more than happy to serve as a reference for anyone interested in your program. It has been the best experience we could have wished for!

Ashby Rushing, 2007

“When we put Colleen to bed at night, we say that she’ll be seeing Mrs. John tomorrow, and she breaks into a huge grin. Thank you for giving her such an incredible experience. We’ll see you tomorrow…”

Nancy Romps, 2006

“My son Andrew started with Mrs. John at 2 ½ and had a very hard time leaving my side.  Mrs. John reassured me every day as she helped me peel him off of me that he would be fine and that yes even Andrew will grow out of this and become a well adjusted young man. And now as Andrew approaches 5 years old, I’m amazed at how social, well balanced and happy he is.  I will be forever indebted to Mrs. John for her tender heart, compassion, creative art projects and general love of all the children. We were lucky to find her and have her guide Andrew into being the strong little boy that he has become.”

Kirsten Milhorn, 2006

“Ben is very proud of his bean plant and I told him if he talked to “Mr. Bean” then he (“Mr. Bean”) would grow very big and we would have lots of beans.  After I took this picture, I spyed Ben just sitting there and just talking away to “Mr. Bean”.  Thanks again for another wonderful project…”

I just want to share pictures of “Ben’s Art Gallery” with you.  As you can see, our kitchen is full of all the great masterpieces that he created with you.  He is so proud of each and every one of them and makes sure that everyone knows he made them all.  I can pretty much guarantee that they will be the first things hanging in our new house. Whenever we have company over, they are just in awe of all of Ben’s art work that we have hanging in our kitchen.  They are always so impressed at all the hard work and the creativity that you put into each project for the kids.   I don’t know where you get all the wonderful ideas but thank you for filling our home with such wonderful keepsakes!”

Ellen Collier 2005

“Mrs. John and ‘On The Right Track’ have been so wonderful for my son Jay. He started out like a typical 2 ½ year old in September 2004. He was unsure of being left by mommy at a new place and made me well aware of his feelings. But, rather quickly, he bonded with Mrs. John, Seema and Sunitha and was happy to be going off to classes requiring only one hug and a kiss from me before going off to start his day. He enjoyed the classes so much so that he would ask almost every day if it was a “school” day. We decided to start him in the two-day program in January 2005 and he truly loves it. He comes home with a project he worked on every day and Mrs. John is so good about feedback and class information. The Scout House is a wonderful environment for the children to play and learn in. We are so happy that we found ‘On The Right Track’ and Mrs. John. She made Jay’s first experience a positive one that he will take with him through his school years.”

Janine Bruhn, 2005

“Jack wanted to share his new art display board his daddy made for him. I thought it may be a really cute picture to put on your web site to showcase your beautiful art projects. Thanks for taking him and exposing him to so many different skills.”

Robyn Evans, 2004