“‘Miracle worker’, that is a description of Mrs. John. Our son has always been very attached to us and the separation he had the first few classes almost drove me to reconsider the preschool idea. However, Mrs. John worked with All of us. She reassured Joshua, our son, and me simultaneously. Joshua with her gentleness, affection and stability, and me, with numerous calls and emails sharing her wealth of knowledge in this type situation. In turn, Joshua is now thriving and asks to go to “school” everyday – including weekends. He even includes her in his nightly prayers. My friends, unfortunately, have not had this experience with other preschool teachers. I feel great gratitude to Mrs. John and pride in knowing her. I would recommend her program to everyone, and I do.”

Terri Meighan, Joshua's mom, 2004

“David enjoyed his classes with you at the Scout House this summer. We are moving to Vienna and I am sorry that David and his sister Elisabeth won’t have a chance to have you as their teacher. You are well respected in the Falls Church community. I do wish you all the best with ‘On The Right Track’, you most certainly are on the right track!”

Lori Louden, 2004

“Mrs. John is an outstanding teacher. She truly has a gift with children. I always felt at ease when my children were in her care. I would highly recommend her to everyone!”

A. Stancil, 2003

“Ms. John, I can’t say enough good things about your program. Kate and Wyatt had a wonderful time at ‘summer camp.’ Thanks for taking such good care of them! I was so impressed with Kate and Wyatt’s experience. Best of luck to you! Good luck with your year!”

Claire McVay, 2003

“Our son really enjoyed ‘On The Right Track’ for the chance to paint and play and dance and dress-up and hear stories, as well as make new friends. As a parent I was very impressed with the warm and nurturing environment Mrs. John created and the variety of fun activities for the kids which were educational as well. When I picked my son up each day, he was always happy and excited to tell me about something he had done there. (Thank you for the wonderful summer program.)”

Stephanie Uz, 2003

“I am helping a wonderful teacher get the word out about her new program called ‘On The Right Track’. She taught my older daughter at the community center–who used to RUN to classes with her–and now my little one is attending the program in a lovely rustic log cabin in the area, by a stream and a park. She has loads of experience, having taught for many years in the Falls Church City. ‘On The Right Track’ programs are for 2 and 3 year olds, one or two mornings a week. If you are looking for a program for your little one, it might be ideal. Mrs. John welcomes you to come and visit!”

Unyong Waide, 2003

“Mrs. John has taught this age group for ten years and is a very gifted teacher. Noah had an amazing year in her class. We cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Jennie Swisher, 2002